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Fail Harder

Have you made a doozy of a mistake lately? If so, I applaud you! Let’s celebrate it together right here, right now. (Tell us about what happened and what it taught you below.)

If you haven’t, I dare you to put more skin in the game. Without mistakes, you’re missing some very important vistas. Every misstep gives you a foothold into growth, compassion, and greater clarity about what you want and how to get there. Getting it wrong is the foundation on which getting it right is built. I dare you to fail harder. And then go out and fail some more, while living (and writing) the life you always wanted.

Want to refresh your memory about the value of failing harder? Chapter 28 of Fierce on the Page gives you the backstory on why I think mistakes are invaluable at informing our evolution.

2 Comments on “Fail Harder”

  1. Sage had sent an email last week that reminded me of a recent experience. I wrote to her, and she suggested I share my experience here. Thank you.

    AT a recent workshop I attended with Lorna Crozier, she challenged us to write a poem about something difficult. For me, that was a surgery I had that was life-changing, and life-saving, that I had never been able to write. And it made me very vulnerable to share. I had tried before, but always slid into euphemism, pun and parody. She advised me to take all that out and start again. Go with the stark details. I did, and when I shared it, my fellow students one by one, came to me either to say they understood or to share an experience they’d had and never talked about.

    It was certainly a risk for me to share, but the response was so warm and positive, nothing like what I had imagined it would be.

    1. I love this example of how we can create surprising intimacy and healing when we share our most vulnerable places and truths. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Carol.

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