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Find Eliza

Once upon a time, I wrote the words “Find Eliza” on a sticky note. In chapter 51 of Fierce on the Page, I describe how this tiny action changed my life.

How do you intend to use words to steer the craft of your life in the direction you want to go next? I invite you to write down something you want on a sticky note, put it on your computer screen or bathroom mirror or car dashboard—something you look at regularly—and see what happens next.

It doesn’t have to be a big or complicated desire. Just something you really want, that you’re not sure how to get. I hope you’ll tell us what you want, or how your sticky note became your magic wand, right here!

2 Comments on “Find Eliza”

  1. Ahhh the wonder of writing things you want, and how they magically appear before us!

    My Eliza is writing and publishing my own book! (which feels like I’m so far away from)

    Eliza must be cracking up over this chapter!

    1. Here’s to your Eliza, Liran. Writing our desires can bring them surprisingly close to us! I look forward to hearing where this leads you…

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