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Love the Struggle

In Fierce on the Page Chapter 6, I shared the yoga position my cat Diablo helped me invent so I could fall in love with the struggle. Here it is: Write with a sleeping cat draped over your typing forearms and wrists.

Because it is not easy, this ridiculously anti-ergonomic position gets my attention. And the more Diablo and I practice, the more I am filled with acceptance for the burdens of love I gladly carry.

What pose helps you embrace the problem—and love your struggle? Tell us right here!

2 Comments on “Love the Struggle”

  1. This one stymied me… I really didn’t know how to answer it. To me, the struggle is the whole point. I love the depths writing pushes me to explore and the puzzles it presents me. I love diving into even the darkest parts of my psyche to find something that will relate to others. I love exploring new types of writing and news ways to express myself.
    The only struggle I could come up with is time… I often find myself feeling like there’s not enough time to write everything I want to write as well as I want to write it with the focus I want to write it. I find myself writing around the other demands on my time which is somewhat symbolized by writing around my cat, Meme, sitting on my lap and stretching onto my desk as I write…

    1. I have quite a bit of symbolic cat interference, too, T.L. Love that metaphor. And I also love hearing that you have already embraced the struggle. Thanks for telling us about it!

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