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Bite the Monkey

You’ve heard my thoughts on biting the monkey in Fierce on the Page Chapter 3. Here’s the place where we get to hear from you—and explore with each other what takes us forward and what holds us back.

How do you bite the monkey? What strategies work to get you beyond your own interference and a bit closer to your goals? Tell us about your best practices. As a community of fierce writers, we can learn from each other.

2 Comments on “Bite the Monkey”

  1. I find a regular yoga practice and a separate meditation practice help me to tame the negative voices that interfere with my goals. I like to write in a meditation journal immediately after I meditate to clear away interfering thoughts while seeking ways to replace them with encouraging thoughts.
    I also find a 5-10 minute dance break or a short walk often helps.
    And if I’m just having trouble getting started because of too many commitments, I use a timer. The timer helps me to stay on course without the distraction of watching the clock so I get all my commitments done.

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