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Success on Your Terms

The tricky thing about pursuing success over the long arc of a writing life is that the layers of who we are and who we have been are always reshuffling.

In Chapter 21 of Fierce on the Page, I say chances are good that we are all living by success standards we have outgrown, that someone else has set for us, or that we have unreasonably imposed on ourselves.

Can you think of one such example—and then let it go? What does success mean to you today, what small accomplishments are leading you there, and how do you intend to keep moving in that direction?

6 Comments on “Success on Your Terms”

  1. I enjoyed your book very much.

    Success standards: would love more time and mental space for creative writing. All that moves very slowly. Alongside that slow pace I was surprised to see some of my technical writing exceed my expectations with multiple peer-reviewed publications, including two cover stories in my professional society’s journal.

    I will take a look at some of your other books and keep my eyes open for some of your speaking and teaching gigs.

    1. Hi Scott! I’m thrilled to hear that you enjoyed my book! Congratulations on your technical writing triumphs. I’ll be holding your creative writing success standard with you. Thanks for sharing here…

  2. As a beginner to the art and passion for writing, the biggest problem I have is self doubt.

    It’s a tricky feeling when you have one article attract thousands and the next a few 100 viewers.

    My way around it was a gift from a really good friend is a book called The Artist’s Way which guides you spiritually through the artist within us, the morning pages have proved successfully.

    I’ve created more space to writing in my life, the affirmations to just show up on page we’re nice – but the biggest success is turning a blank page towards a fully inked pride.

    I must say as i read through fierce on the page, those little end notes to each topic that brings us here is very comforting.

    1. Liran, It sounds like you are finding some powerful strategies for managing your self doubt and staying committed to your love of writing and to your delight in the process! Thanks for sharing with us here!!

  3. Just picked up the book, reading through the chapters. I was drawn in by the advice on page 4, which is what prompted me to buy the book.


    I had written a children’s book a few years back, based on a camping adventure that our family had taken. I submitted it, was told it was marketable, but was told it wasn’t long enough.

    I couldn’t lengthen it. It was my story, and it was told. So what did I do? I sat on it, kept it in my email, and now its permanently gone. I still recall some of the details though, so who knows, maybe I’ll rewrite it and it will be better than before.

    1. So happy to hear that you stood by your story, S.E. I love the idea of returning to it and offering it again to the world, on your own terms.

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